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Happy birthday Xiumin!
26 of March of 1990, the birthday of Kim Minseok, a memeber of EXO. I really wish him the best and I hope he is able to celebrate it with his friends and family.

With the creation of CBX, I was finally able to like him more and considerate a lot more than before, so I hope from now I am able to notice him on comebacks and see all his things outside of the group.


(sorry for my english, I'm doing this in a hurry and without glasses lol) 

Things of life
Este segundo semetres de universidad acabó con cuatro de cinco asignaturas aprobadas, estaría satisfecha si no fuera porque no estoy deacuerdo con la nota de la que suspendí. Es verdad que solo podía ir a las prácticas y a muy pocas teorías, ya que me coincidía con las de tercero, sobre todo con Sociales, una asignatura a la que yo tenía mucho miedo a faltar por si iba a examen. Y también a música, que a esa si podría haber faltado más, pero no lo hice.

El profesor dijo desde un principio que no habría examen (cosa de la que me alegré en su momento) que solo habría un trabajo grande y prácticas en clase. También dijo que pasaría lista de forma aleatoria ( de esto me preocupe mucho, y me hacía sentir fatal cuando n podía ir, ya que pagar por una asignatura para no poder ir es un desastre, lo mismo que me pasó con sociología). Todo esto lo explicó el primer día, a la que fui porqu falté a psicología ( fui a la segunda hora y firmé a "escondidas"). Como conocía a Almudena teía a algien con quien cmpartir las cosas y hablar de la asgnatura, por lo que así pasaron los primeros días. Las dos nos dimos cuenta que el porfe diempre llegaba tarde, que no subías las cosas por el aula, y los que más nos fastidió que cuando faltaba a clase no avisaba, por lo que yo esperaba tres horas para nada los martes (esto pasó 3 o 4 veces!!)
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Selling albums
I'm thinking of selling some of my older albums, like Super Junior or BEAST, those were one of my first groups to stan and buy albums, and although I still like some of them and enjoy some of their music and photos, I do not stan the group itself, and I only would like for now to have EXO albums and some girls groups.

I don't know if somebody would want to buy my albums tho lol, but I will try. My room where I put my albums is so small, there is no space for more, but I still want to buy Taeyeon or EXO, so I think this is the only solution even though I am going to lose money.

(Why is my english so bad lol, it have passed million years since I wrote in here)

Happy birthday Jongin
Happy birthday Kai!!! <3
My cute little puppy, I hope you have a wonderful day and year.
And I wish for yo to become a recognized singer and dancer with your grup all together! :3

Happy birthday Kyungsoo
Happy day Kyungsoo!! 12/1/1993 :33
Hope you have a great day and a wonderful year!!

Let go (and dream)
For all those who drean and hope.
Let go, stop worrying, and go fot it.

cr: (http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/793400/let-go-and-dream-exo-hunhan-baekyeol-xiuchen-sulay-chanbaek)
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The night is dark as my soul

So, here I am, writing this instead of studying sociology because my test it's in four days, FOUR DAYS, it's almost September and I can't believe it. This summer was so hectic, I passed my driving theory test (?) and I have to start taking driving classes and I don't know how that will go, I don't want to be horrible :( SO BYE I AM GOING TO STUDY (YES PLEASE STUDY YOU HAVE TO PASS THIS TEST YES OR YES) NOW.

(babies <3) 

Chasing Rainbows
"Can you die from boring? Because if you can, I think I’m already dead."
"I don’t just hate everything. I hate anything, too."
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Happy birthday Seohyun

I hope you have a wonderful day with your loved ones and thank you for be who you are! <3